Advanced data visualizations for the pork industry.

Show your team what is happening across your swine production system in real time. Stop waiting for data to get entered at the end of day, week or month. See what is happening now so that you can intervene with confidence where and when necessary.

Integrations with these companies so far

    • AgView
    • PigKnows
    • PowerBI
    • Iowa State University
    • South Dakota State University

Everything you need to run your swine operation.

With interactive data visualization you will be able to flip through 25 pages and know everything you need to know about your swine operation. If you have concerns about area, you will be able to drill in on the existing data set or delve into one of the area bonus reports to explore additional topics like the removal analysis or farrowing performance analysis.

The SowTracker has a 27 page analysis showing your data over 52-week rolling period, 13 week rolling period and 4 week rolling period, so you can do an apples to apples comparison of your farm overtime and drill into individual areas. Additional weekly reports allow you can visualize your areas of opportunity quickly and then take decisive action.

Simplify everyday tasks.

See what is going on and what is going wrong with just a few clicks!

Feed Tracker™

Know what is getting fed and what is on budget.

The feed tracker allows you to track real-time what feed has gone into what groups and an estimate from there how much they should weigh know where you should be in your marketing process.

Geography Tracker™

Be able to see how many pigs and how much they weigh right away!

The geography tracker allows you to see where your barns are located, where the pigs are and where they are moving from conception to consumption.

Packer Tracker™

Currently in development.

The packer tracker allows you to look forward in your pig shipments, see what pigs you have in the pipeline, what packer commitments you have when and match up availability to meet your commitments.

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About Us

SYB™ began during COVID-19 as an attempt to roll 20 years of manually updated spreadsheets into actionable real time information that would be scalable, sustainable and built on the latest technology platform (Microsoft Azure – Power BI) to allow for machine learning, pattern recognition and layered smart alarm technology.

We now have a robust mobile app for iOS, Android and the web in English or Spanish (or 100 other languages) that allows your team to enter data on the fly and make informed decisions in real-time.